Remarkable wine is made

at the extraordinary vineyard


Serious wine lovers may want to know why torchbearer wines are relevant today? Because everything we do and everything we represent we go against the current establishments with our basis of more compassion. For not doing so will hinder the adaptability to change and progress. At ‘ese vineyard we want to recreate permaculture at the same time respect the individuality of the site, its terroir and the climate of the Island in order to achieve a wine of purity, delicious, and full of flavours.

Our award winning ese vineyard is in the heart of the world renowned Coal River Valley Tasmania. Tasmania is famous for its outstanding and elegant cool climate wine. Established in 1993, our vineyard has produced world medal winning Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc.  

North facing terroir, world purest air and water, long dry warm summer days and cool night, lovingly tendered vines are perfect to finish the grapes. 

Continuing this legacy in our evolving world, since 2017, we have kept this tradition as well as improved our vineyard practice to embrace natural farming, minimize the use of chemicals,and reduce carbon footprint. A visit to our vineyard these day, you will see sheep, ducks, and geese roaming the vineyard. Grass are great food source for the farm animal. Good for them. Great for the earth...  

Eventually, what we want to create is the finest and purest drop from nature while leaving a cleaner earth for your next generations.