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Remarkable wine is made at the extraordinary vineyard

About Torch Bearer Wines

Reborn in 2017 from the most remotely cool climate wine region of the world – Coal River Valley in Southern Tasmania, the wines we craft and select are the ones of Australian characters - quintessentially Down Under: rebellious free-spirited nature yet perfectly elegant and sweet. The combination of our unique terroir or natural environment and our people makes such extraordinary wines that we treasure, only for the keepers of love – the torch bearers.

Our Philosophy: in nature we trust

Nothing is more complete.

Follow her just laws,

Let things take their course,

Be at one with her,

Thou shall achieve harmony.

Extraordinarily for the keepers of love.

From Torch Bearer Wines – extraordinary wines of Australia.

Our Motto:

“For life is an adventure”.

Our Hashtag:

#xlife; #torchbearer; #thehobartentrance; #tolife

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