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Sunrise at the Hobart Entrance
World famous wine and dine
Master bed of the Hobart Entrance
Library luxury stay at Hobart
Front garden The Hobart Entrance
Water fountain Hobart luxury stay

let it be the place you rather be...


We’ve traveled the world in search for a place to call home where we can come and set us free, and we end up being the custodian of this magnificent place in one of the furthest corners on Earth - a place we can definitely call a holiday home. We want to share this expression of liberty (living the Tasmanian ways) with our extended family and friends when they come and visit Tasmania. So Be our guest!

When establishing the Hobart Entrance Kunanyi Foothills Retreat, we understand there are reasons why we choose to set our foot in Tasmania. We know we just want to loose ourselves and just be (ourselves). We know we travel to one of the furthest corners on Earth to seek and to feel her subtle beauties - the natural and virgin landscapes; the gentle currents of rivers and bays; many cute and innocent wildlife inhabitants; and everything else our fellow Tasmanian have in store – like our heritage, history, and culture; or our fine wines and whiskeys, and even of course, our fish and chips! So let us be your guide in your special journey through Tasmania, because we know what best Tasmania has to offer. 


With love,

Anh, Ba, Liberty and baby Aurora

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